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Why do more dentists choose MedPro Group than any other carrier?

We're the nation’s leading carrier — the only one with 120+ years of experience, Berkshire Hathaway ownership, and an A++ rating from A.M. Best.  It’s easy to choose coverage that offers you the peace of mind you deserve. Stay committed to taking care of your patients, and we'll stay committed to taking care of you.


Hear from MedPro Group's Dental Division President, Eric Clark.

You have a choice

Financial Strength

We have 120+ years of experience and the highest financial strength rating in the industry (A++ by A.M. Best). This ensures we’re positioned to protect you and your future.

Flexible Policy Options

Whether you’re new to practice or you’ve been practicing for 30 years, our varied policy options are designed to fit your unique needs. These options include Claims-made, Occurrence and products that allow you to switch from Claims-made to Occurrence.

Risk Management

We want to keep you from ever facing a claim. That’s why our insureds have access to impactful risk management resources — including free webinars, online tools and consultation from risk experts who average over 20 years of experience.

Unrivaled Claims Defense

Unlike other carriers, our experience extends beyond your specialty. Not only are we experts in defending claims against dentists, we are trusted by a wide range of healthcare specialties and facilities.

Pure Consent to Settle

We’ve known from the start that this is your career and your livelihood. Should a claim go to trial, you should have the right to refuse to settle.


We leverage our vast underwriting and actuarial expertise to appropriately assess risk and provide you with the best price possible.


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